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Puretec CFS Series

Carbon Filtration Systems

Puretec CFS Carbon filtration systems provide beautiful, great tasting water for the most fastidious leaving beneficial vital minerals to assist in a healthy life.


CFS units are used in the domestic, commercial and industrial fields and are effective in special situations such as oil removal. The Puretec CFS system reduce chlorine, taste, odour and sediment by absorbing it through the filtration bed.


  • Platinum Performance Product
  • 1  Year Warranty


Features and benefits


  • Reduce taste, odour and chemicals in your water
  • Complete system, no extra parts required
  • Automatic backwash – maintenance free
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in nonvolatile memory
  • 10 selectable pre-programmed regeneration cycles
  • Backwash water usage programmable
  • Available with silver impregnation upon request
CFS Series Carbon Filtration Systems
Model Number Backwash Connection Service Flow (Lpm) Max Flow (Lpm)
CFS2000 Auto Backwash 25 mm 30 80
CFS3000 Auto Backwash 25 mm 40 90
CFS4000 Auto Backwash 25 mm 60 100
CFS100-C Auto Backwash 40 mm 100 200

Operating Conditions:  1. Maximum suspended solids - 10mg/L.  2. Uses include reduction of taste, odour, organic material, chemical, colour & chlorine.  3. Operating pressure 200-690 kPa, pressure loss 100 kPa.  4. Electrical 240V 50Hz AC supply. Speak with one of the Puretec specialists to confirm this product selection.

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About Puretec Ltd

Puretec is a premium manufacturer of water filtration products. Puretec is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of leading edge water filtration products and to provide unrivaled backup. All Puretec products come with class leading warranties, are of impeccable quality and are true to our tag line “Perfecting Water”.