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Remove Chlorine with Puretec Water Filters

It is not uncommon for chlorine to be added by the water authorities to mains water supplies to help keep harmful bacteria and pathogens at bay. Unfortunately, chlorine causes other issues, such as skin irritations and it leaves the water with a very unpleasant taste and odour. Its like you're drinking swimming pool water!


A high-quality carbon-based (taste & odour removal) water filter will effectively remove the chlorine from your mains water supply, so you can enjoy fresh tasting, pure water in your home.

How do you remove Chlorine from your drinking water?

A carbon filter is an effective solution for removing chlorine from your water. There are a wide variety of filter products that include carbon, the most common kind of carbon used in Puretec filters is high-grade coconut carbon. The reason carbon works so effectively to remove chlorine is that it is incredibly porous, which provides a large surface area for dissolved contaminants to become trapped via adsorption. Remarkably, one teaspoon of activated carbon has more surface area than a football field.


The Puretec range of 'mains water' filter systems includes a high-grade carbon filter which will effectively remove chlorine from your drinking water or the whole house.

Quick-Twist Water Filter System + High Loop LED Faucet

Quick-Twist Undersink Water Filter System with High Loop LED Faucet

Inline Water Filter System + High Loop LED Faucet

High Flow Inline Water Filter System

Wholehouse Dual Filter System

Quick-Twist Water Filter System + LED Mixer Tap

Highflow inline water filter system
Whole House Dual Water Filter Systems
Quick-Twist Undersink Water Filter System with High Loop LED Faucet

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