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Puretec NTS Series

Neutralising Treatment Systems

 The Puretec NTS Series are designed to correct the pH (acidity) of the water supply. Acidic water can cause corrosion of pipe-work and seals in the water line, causing costly damage.


The Puretec NTS Series reduces green/blue staining commonly noticed on plumbing fixtures meaning that corrosion of the pipe-work has possibly started. These units effectively utilise a calcium carbonate media to lift the pH which slowly dissolves into the water protecting the plumbing system from corrosion.


  • Platinum Performance Product
  • 1  Year Warranty


Features and benefits


  • Neutralise potentially corrosive water with a low pH
  • Utilise calcium carbonate media to lift the pH
  • Slow reacting for controlled pH correctors
  • Media fill port for easy maintenance
  • Utilise calcium carbonate media to lift the pH
  • 1” connections means minimum pressure loss
  • No Power required
NTS Series Neutralising Treatment Systems
Model Number Backwash Connection Service Flow (Lpm) Max Flow (Lpm)
NTS2000 In/Out Head 25 mm 20 70
NTS3000 In/Out Head 25 mm 40 90
NTS4000 In/Out Head 25 mm 60 100
NTS70-C In/Out Head 40 mm 70 150

Operating Conditions:  1. Neutralizing media is consumed according to pH level and needs to be replaced periodically. Speak with one of the Puretec specialists to confirm this product selection.

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