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Solenoid Connection suit RI Series

This integral control module allows for a solenoid connection on all RI-6K, RI-10K and RI-17K. Simply purchase a normally closed line voltage solenoid valve and affix the module’s supplied bare lead cord to the solenoid valve.


Connect the power cable to the electrical outlet and the other lead to the IEP (infinite expandability port) on the controller. Please note that when this device is connected to a RI-6K, RI-10K and RI-17K system (without the UV module), then the solenoid will close on a lamp failure mode only. When used on a RI-6K, RI-10K and RI-17K system, the solenoid will close when the UV level drops below 50%. Also note that in cases where emergency use of untreated water is required, the controller can be placed into a manual override mode allowing for the flow of water in an alarm condition.

Model Number Description
RI-SOL Solenoid Connection, suits RI-6K, RI-10K and RI-17K
Radfire RI-SOL

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