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Puretec SOL-C Series

Commercial Water Softeners

The Puretec SOL-C Series Commercial Water Softeners softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium and magnesium.

Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals such as limestone, lead, iron, sulphur, calcium and magnesium. If these minerals are not removed from your water, they will cause scaling, eventually blocking plumbing and shortening the life of appliances.


These chemicals are not easily detected, but numerous negative effects can be unpleasant and costly. The SOL-C Series achieves long life of the filter bed through regeneration using brine solution which is operated through a fully automatic time clock.


  • Platinum Performance Product
  • 1  Warranty


Features and benefits


  • Large capacity separate resin and brine tank
  • Complete system, no extra parts required
  • 40 mm connections for larger flow rates available
SOL-C Series Commercial Water Softeners
Model Number Backwash Connection Service Flow
Max Flow
SOL45 Auto Backwash 25 mm 45 90
SOL60 Auto Backwash 25 mm 60 100
SOL110-C Auto Backwash 40 mm 112 200
SOL160-C Auto Backwash 40 mm 167 210

Operating Conditions:  1. Service capacity is based on 140ppm hardness.  2. Brine tanks included.  3. Electrical 240V 50Hz AC supply. 4. Operating pressure - 690 kPa, minimum 140 kPa.  5. Pressure loss 65 kPa. Speak with one of the Puretec specialists to confirm this product selection.

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About Puretec Ltd

Puretec is a premium manufacturer of water filtration products. Puretec is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of leading edge water filtration products and to provide unrivaled backup. All Puretec products come with class leading warranties, are of impeccable quality and are true to our tag line “Perfecting Water”.