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Model No: RAS-160P

Radfire™ Portable Air Sanitiser System

RAS-160P | Radfire™ Portable Air Sanitiser System
The Radfire™ Portable Air Sanitizer system is designed specifically for applications where maintaining hygienic conditions at all times is paramount like in healthcare facilities for example. It’s stylish, stainless steel cabinet is not only durable and lightweight, but the unit is also portable making it the ideal choice for a movable disinfection unit. This system is highly effective at reducing HAIs (Hospital Associated Infections) and where cross infections occur due to human congregations during social functions and business practices.
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Features & Benefits

• It’s portable design makes it ideal for being transported quickly to treat areas quickly.
• Kills 99.9% of airborne micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds, and spores that pass through the system.
• Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.
• Uses Puretec Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, an eco-friendly process that does not use chemicals and cannot be overdosed.
• The stylish and compact stainless steel design makes the system durable and comes with an easy to carry handle.
• Maintenance is simple and can be completed in minutes as the lamp only requires replacing once a year.


The Radfire™ Portable Air Sanitiser system can be used anywhere indoors and in occupied areas*. Ideal use for:

• Hospitals - Intensive Care, Burns Unit, Emergency Department, Isolation Rooms etc.
• Out Patients - administration
• Nursing Homes - residents’ rooms
• Clinics & Surgeries - Dentist, General Practice, Cosmetic
• Pharmacies
• Classrooms - Schools, Colleges, Universities, Kindergartens, Child Care Centres
• Office & Call Centre Buildings - Workplaces with high-density staffing
• Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms and Conference Areas • Hotels & Resorts - Function Rooms


Ordering Code
Fan Capacity:
160 m3/hr
116 mm (h) x 675 mm (l) x 175 (w)
3 years^
Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement lamp. ^3 year warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 2 years parts only. Excludes lamp.